Inyatsi History

Inyatsi House - Eswatini

Headquarters in Eswatini (formally known as Swaziland), Inyatsi Construction can trace its root back to 1982, when it started as a specialist roadworks company. In 2006 it branched out to Zambia, followed by Mozambique the following year; and it still maintains a permanent office in both countries. Together with the opening of the branch in 2007, Group Holdings was then formed to house all subsidiaries. With the acquisition in 2009 of the building division, Construction Associates; further grown and diversification of activity followed into Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Uganda, Mauritius, and now the DRC; as well as in the renewable sector with the investment in Volt Renewable Energy.

With its triple ISO certification in Quality, Safety, and Environment management, the Inyatsi Group has delivered projects throughout the infrastructure spectrum; from water treatment plants to reservoirs, dams, pipelines, & canals; sub-stations and solar PV plants; highways and byways; bridges; mining infrastructure (access roads, civil works, housing, and tailings dams); quarrying and crushing; township developments; vertical construction (hospital, factories, schools, offices & retail) and PPP concession (agri-zones, mixed-use development).

Inyatsi owns a comprehensive and ever-growing fleet of earthmoving and construction equipment capable to take on the most challenging operations in the remotest of locations. Vertical integrations on their supply chain have seen the development of specialised quarrying and asphalt activities to meet its stringent production demands.

Our Culture

The cornerstone of our business are our people. Not just lip service – with our comprehensive development and wellness programs, we foster a culture of contnuous development and development; through challenging and empowering people to take initiative and bring value to the Inyatsi family – no one is left behind in our drive for sustainable development and inclusive growth.

People also includes our supply chain, professional teams and client partners, as well as all the role-players in the communities we serve. Beyond employment, Inyatsi looks to improve the well-being of our society, adding more value outside the projects we deliver.

Safety & Sustainability are non-negotiable aspects of our activety – if we can’t do it safely or sustainably, we don’t do it at all. Positive behavioral based programs seek to inform and entrench these ethos – it is who we are.

Through our bespoke continuous improvement program Siyatfutfuka, meaning “we are moving forward”, we focus on how to improve our service offering, to be the best we can possibly be, to never leave a project unfinished if at all possible.

Our Journey