Quality | ISO 9001:2015

Continuous Improvement at Inyatsi has become our way of doing business, one of the key strategies for all our businesses is to constantly improve how contracts are executed. All of our systems, procedures, and processes are geared towards this, together with customer satisfaction. We strive to provide our clients and the market we serve with quality products and services that meet or exceed their expectations. Our goal is to achieve Operational Excellence in all aspects of our business.

Environment | ISO 14001:2015

As a Group, Inyatsi has embraced the true value of sustainability across all spheres of our activity. This objective is driven in 4 key operational ways;

  • Transparent reporting on environmental management
  • Maintaining an environmental management system aligned to universal principles;
  • Minimizing our construction footprint through responsible sourcing and watse reduction;
  • Embracing innovative techniques and improving awareness throughout the group

Healty & Safety | ISO 45001:2015

Employee well-being underpins our Group’s performance, and Inyatsi considers safety an inalienable right of every employee and community. Our target is zero-harm, and with an LTIFR of 0.03, we are constantly striving to reduce this static through positive behavioral-based programs, including daily personal interactions and risk sensations throughout our organization. This ethos is embedded in who we are and what we do there are no shortcuts to this approach; and every role-player is held equally accountable for both their and the greater workplace ecosystems well-being, no matter their place n our organization and supply chain.

Asibambaneni – We Do It Together