The paving equipment has been carefully selected to ensure that it is suitable for all types of applications. At the heart of the operation is the Bomag BF300P paver fitted with a state-of-the-art level control system to ensure that thickness, level and riding quality parameters are met. This paver is capable of paving up to 300t per hour and can pave widths from 1,7m up to 4,2m, making it very suitable for both highway and township work.

Proper compaction is ensured with the use of the compacting screed of the paver, which is supported with the use of a Bomag BW141AD50 vibratory Double Drum roller with an operating weight of 7tons. The drum width of 1.5m ensures that an excellent static point loading of 23kg/cm or 75kN. The Pneumatic tyre roller ensures that final compaction is achieved. This roller has an operating weight of 24t. This weight can be increased to 27t by adding additional ballasting or weights.