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Bulk Earthworks at the ICC and Five Star Hotel
Chikankata Road
Construction of Hlane Road Extension, 17km Road with 62m Bridge Drainage
Construction of Mbadlane to Manzini Road (MR3)
International Convention Centre
KMIII International Airport Staff Housing
Management and execution of routine road maintenance contract on selected RISFSA Class 1&2 provincial roads in Pretoria region of Gauteng Province
Manzini - Construction of Manzini Traffic Circle to Mbadlane Section of (MR3) Freeway
Matata - Construction of Main Conveyance System & Related Structures for the Matata Block
Preventative Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Road D4 Limpopo
Solwezi - Mwinilunga Lot 1 & 2
The construction and completion of Package ‘P’ of the Institutional Housing Project ( KM III International Airport Housing Estate)
Upgrading of Kwaggafontein Water- Work Package 2, Bulk supply line from Mathysensloop to Boekenhouthoek
Upgrading of Ludzidzini-Lozitha Link Road
Upgrading of the strategic oil reserve access road at Phuzumoya
Woodlands Development Centre


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